Bicycle Trailer Hitch


bicycle trailer hitch with hose and clamps bicycle trailer hitch on bike
bicycle trailer hitch with hose and clamps

All stainless-steel bicycle trailer hitch with heavy-duty alloy steel 3/8" rod end. Frame mounted for maximum strength and rigidity. Capable of handling loads up to 600 lbs.

Easily mounts to the left side of most bikes using 3 thumbscrew band clamps. Fit most bikes with 26", 700C, or 29" wheels with a clear mounting area ahead of the rear axle.

We also make custom trailer hitches for bicycles and tricycles (but not mopeds or scooters) with unique requirements (small wheels, recumbent frame, unusual frame geometry, etc.). Please contact us with your requirements.

*Note*: one hitch is included with each trailer. You do not need to order an extra hitch unless you want to reduce the time it takes to transfer a trailer between bikes.

  • includes hitch, 3 thumbscrew bands clamps, and two pieces of protective hose
  • 600 lb tow capacity