B-series Axle-Mounted Bicycle Trailer HItch


hitch, clamp, and protective hose trailer hitch mounted on bicycle axle A pin secures the trailer to the hitch.  To remove the trailer, simply pull the pin.
hitch, clamp, and protective hose

Our B-series trailer hitch mounts to most bike rear axles. The hitch body is made of waterjet-cut stainless steel plate. It has an anti-rotation strut that clamps to your bike's frame to prevent it from rotating around your axle when pulling a heavy load.

This hitch fits mosts bicycles equipped with nutted or quick-release rear axles. Bikes with a rear thru-axle require a thru-axle trailer adapter. (You can find one for your bike at the Robert Axle Project.)

E-bikes equipped with a rear hub motor will need a slightly modified hitch to fit the axle. We can make that modification at no extra charge--just make a note that in the "special instructions" section on the checkout page that your bike has a rear hub motor.

Every B-series trailer ships with one of these hitches included. Order this hitch only if you use your trailer with multiple bikes.

Note: This hitch works with B-series trailers only. You cannot connect an A-, AW-, AD-, or AWD-series trailer to it.