Who uses Bikes At Work Bicycle Trailers?

Furniture Movers

Our cargo bicycle trailers are used by both individuals and professional moving businesses to move households. They can carry everything from boxes of belongings to sofas, refrigerators, and mattresses.

Move by Bike hauling a load on their 64AWD trailers

Move By Bike. Malmo, Scania, Sweden

Household move using 4 (or more?) 64AWD trailers

Transport Myette. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Urban Farmers

Farmers and gardeners use our bicycle trailers to transport produce to market and haul food waste for composting. You can install a floor and carry vegetables in produce boxes, or use 18-gal plastic storage containers to carry both produce and compost.

Non-Profit Groups

Non-profit groups use our trailers to distribute food to the needy. Our trailers have low built-in side rails and lots of tie down points that make it easy to transport multiple containers of food.

Builders and Carpenters

Craftspeople, Handypersons, and Home DIYers find their trailers useful to carry tools, lumber, and building materials.

On the way to the job site using a 96A trailer.  FYI, Greg is taking some time off from building for a while...

Greg Walter, Salida, CO

Dennis Hale carrying slabs of wood and his portable mill on his 96A (sans fenders!)

Eco Carpentry Innovation Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Both individuals and recycling services use B@W trailers to transport recyclables. Our A-series trailers are designed to carry 18-gallon plastic storage containers that work great as recycling bins. The bins are lightweight, quick to secure and remove, and can be stacked for extra cargo capacity when needed.

Ben and Myke meet on a snowy day (photo by Robin Barber)

Pedal People Cooperative, Northampton, MA

Cycles Recycling out picking up recycling bins

Cycles Recycling, Ames, IA

Bicycle Repair and Transport

Our bike trailers make great mobile bicycle repair shops. You can carry toolboxes, bike stands, even whole bicycles with our optional bike racks.

Local Delivery Services

Businesses and delivery companies use our trailers to deliver products to their customers and clients in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. The trailers are easy to customize to fit your needs.

Making deliveries with their 64A trailer.  They custom-built the wood cargo rack themselves.

One Revolution VT, Burlington, VT

Veli Courisers' 64AWD trailer with a custom box they built themselves.

Veli Coursiers, Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Individuals and Families

Many of our customers are individuals or families who don't have a car, want to live more simply, or have a unique bicycle transportation need.

64A bike trailer carrying a bike and some other stuff (photo courtesy David Morse)

Moving some stuff by bike

96A bicycle trailer loaded with gear for a trip to the beach (photo courtesy Brad Tucker)

Let's go to the beach!