Three Different Lengths

profile of 32B, 64B, and 96B trailers

We make three different lengths of trailers.

breakdown of 64B trailer into towbar + front crossmember, wheel assembly, rear crossmember, and two frame sections

All of our trailers share the same basic modular design. The only difference between them is the number of frame sections each has.

illustration of how you can add a frame section 32B trailer to convert it into a 64B, or a 64B into 96B

You can change the trailer length by adding or removing frame sections.

Easily Customizable

extrusions in rear trailer frame

The frame is made of T-slot aluminum extrusions to make it easy to add side panels, build a box, or mount racks to carry ladders, tools, or bikes.

64B trailer showing three possible wheel positions

You can reposition the wheels anywhere along the frame in a couple of minutes without tools to precisely balance your load.

stock trailer without floor

The trailer does not come with a floor to save weight and cost, but you can easily add one if you want.

Carry Almost Anything

96B trailer loaded with a stack of bins and pile of brush

Every trailer can carry up to 300 lbs / 140 kg.

shock cord hooked on end of crossmember

There are several tie-down points on each side for securing your load.

96B trailer carrying plywood sheet on fenders

The fenders are strong enough to support wide loads that won’t fit between the wheels.

Fits Most Bikes

The trailer hitch mounts securely to the left-hand side of the bicycle frame to the rear axle. A strut on the bottom of the hitch prevents it from rotating around the axle. One hitch is included with every trailer.

The trailer connects to the hitch using a hitch pin. To disconnect the trailer from your bike, just pull the pin. The hitch pin is leashed to the trailer towbar to prevent losing it.

trailer attached to Yuba Mundo bicycle

We can fabricate custom hitches to fit unusual bicycles and tricycles, too.

Built to Last

bicycle trailer hitch, towbar, and front end of trailer

The frame is made of rugged annodized aluminum extrusions. The hitch is stainless steel. The trailer bolts together to make it is easy to replace or repair parts when necessary.

Skyway wheel on trailer

The nylon-composite Skyway Tuffwheels® used on our trailers are extra-strong and never require truing. They use standard 16" bicycle tires and tubes, and roll on precision replaceable sealed cartridge ball bearings.

map showing our location in the central United States

We manufacture all of our trailers in our own shop in the USA. We've been manufacturing bicycle trailers for over 25 years.