A-Series Axle-Mounted Bicycle Trailer Hitch


axle-mounted hitch axle-mounted hitch on bike axle-mounte hitch with trailer attached
axle-mounted hitch

This bicycle trailer hitch is designed to fit bicycles that have some obstruction or an unusual frame geometry that prevents using our standard frame-mounted trailer hitch. It mounts on the end of the axle on top of the dropout underneath the quick-release skewer or axle nut. A strut on the bottom of the hitch connects to the underside of the chainstay to prevent it from rotating on the axle.

Note: This hitch only fits our legacy A- and AW-series bicycle trailers. It does not fit our newer B-series bicycle trailers.

  • made of TIG-welded, water-jet-cut stainless steel plate
  • attaches quickly to most bikes without tools (a wrench is required for bikes with a bolt-on rear axle)
  • fits bikes of any wheel size
  • fits bikes with or without a seatstay
  • fits bikes with chainstay-mounted disc brakes
  • includes one hitch, one piece of protective hose (to prevent marring your frame), and one thumbscrew band clamp