Tire Upgrade


side views of Kenda and Schwalbe Big Apple tires
side views of Kenda and Schwalbe Big Apple tires

We really like the Schwalbe Big Apple and Marathon tires. Both tires have higher pressure ratings than our standard Kenda tires, as well as built-in tire liners to prevent flats and reflective side walls. The Big Apple has a larger cross-sectional profile to better absorb shock, while the Marathon has a thicker tire liner to give the best flat protection.

But, a pair of them is expensive, and not worth the cost to some. That's why we offer them as an option.

If you order this item, we will mount either one pair of Schwalbe Big Apple or Marathon tires (your choice) instead of Kenda tires on your new trailer. Just make a note in the "special instructions" box at checkout which tire you would prefer.

This upgrade is for new trailer orders only. Order two to upgrade a dual-wheel trailer. If you want to install them on your current trailer, or order an additional one or two as a spare, you can find the Big Apple here and the Marathon here.

If you select this option, the tires on your new trailer will be partially inflated. Schwalbe tires are slightly larger than our standard tires when fully inflated and won't fit in our standard shipping box. You will need to add air to use them at their maximum pressure.

  • Higher pressure (70 psi/ 4.82 bar) provides lower rolling resistance
  • Balloon tire profile provides more cushion and helps prevent pinch flats (Big Apple)
  • Extra-thick tire liner provides the best flat protection (Marathon)
  • Reflective side walls make you more visible at night