Rear Mount Trailer Hitch


rear hitch mounted on crossmember
rear hitch mounted on crossmember

Sometimes you need to carry more cargo than will fit on one of our trailers. This trailer hitch helps solve that problem.

Using this trailer hitch, you can pull two trailers in tandem, one behind the other, with just one bike.

It simply clamps onto the rear crossmember of your existing BAW trailer, with no other changes necessary.

The position of the rod end is about the same height as our standard trailer hitch would be on a mountain bike, so little or no adjustment should be necessary of the towbar on the second trailer to mate it with this hitch.

Please note, however, that you will not be able to turn as sharply to the left as before, because the towbar of the 2nd trailer will strike the rear crossmember of the first trailer on sharp left-hand turns. To prevent this from happening, you can mount the towbar on the second trailer vertically instead of horizontally, then use our right angle adapter to couple the rear trailer to this trailer hitch.