64B Bicycle Trailer


64B bicycle trailer with wheels positioned to carry short, heavy loads. 64B bicycle trailer with wheels positioned at end to carry loads longer than the bed. 64B trailer in pieces 64B trailer, viewed from the rear
64B bicycle trailer with wheels positioned to carry short, heavy loads.

The 64B is the updated version of our 64A and 64AW trailers. It features T-slot aluminum extrusions on the sides and ends, which makes it easy to mount your own side panels, bike racks, etc to the frame. You can position the wheels near the middle of the frame to carry short, heavy loads, or at the rear to carry cargo up to 8' / 2.4 m long. Repositioning the wheels can be done in under a minute and does not require any tools.

Like all our trailers, the trailer frame is modular. You can remove half of the frame to shorten it into our 32B trailer. Or, you can purchase an extension kit to convert it into a 96B trailer should find you need more capacity later .

Each trailer come with one axle-mounted hitch at no extra cost. See the trailer hitch page for more information about this hitch.

See the features and specifications pages to learn more about this trailer and all the trailers we make.

  • Great all-purpose trailer that's useful for transporting mowers, garden equipment, lumber, and furniture
  • Makes a great base for building your own food or vending cart
  • Carries 300 lb / 140 kg loads up to 8' / 2.4 m long
  • Adjustable length and axle position
  • Comes ready-to-use with one bicycle trailer hitch
  • Cargo area (L x W): 64" x 24" / 1.63 m x 61 cm; empty weight: ~38 lb / 17.3 kg