32B Bicycle Trailer


32B bicycle trailer bicycle trailer hitch and towbar trailer is easy to attach or remove from its hitch
32B bicycle trailer

The 32B is the successor to our 32A and 32AW bicycle trailers. It's great for trips to the grocery store, camping trips, and cross-country tours. It also works well when combined with a kennel to carry a companion animal.

Like our other bike trailers, the 32B's main frame rails are made of T-slot aluminum extrusions to make it easy to attach side panels. You can easily reposition the wheels anywhere along the frame in less than a minute without tools so your load is always balanced over the frame. The hitch attaches to the axle and fits most bikes. (Bikes equipped with rear thru-axles will require a through-axle adapter.)

The 32B shares the same heavy-duty towbar, fenders, and wheels of its longer siblings. In fact, you can convert it into a 64B or 96B by simply adding one or two frame extension kits, allowing you to lengthen the trailer at a future time should your needs change.

See the features and specifications pages to learn more about this trailer and all the trailers we make.

  • Carries up to 300 lbs / 140 kg
  • Adjustable axle position
  • Comes ready-to-use with one trailer hitch
  • Cargo area (length x width): 32" x 24" / 81 cm x 61cm
  • Empty weight: 37lbs / 16.6 kg