32A Bicycle Trailer


32A bicycle trailer, left side view 32A towbar and front crossmember 32A bicycle trailer, carrying two bins
32A bicycle trailer, left side view

Similar in size to most bike trailers on the road but much stronger and more versatile. Carry up to 8 full bags of groceries using this small trailer.

See the features and specifications pages to learn more about this trailer and all the trailers we make.

  • Carries loads up to 300 lb / 140 kg and 4' / 1.2 m long
  • Designed to hold two to four 18 gal / 68 L plastic storage containers (not included)
  • Can be lengthened into our longer models at anytime using one or more extension kits
  • Comes ready-to-use with one trailer hitch and two heavy-duty elastic shock cords
  • Cargo area (length x width): 32" x 19.25" / 81 cm x 50 cm; empty weight (approx): 29 lb / 13.2 kg