96AW Bicycle Trailer


96AW cargo bicycle trailer, side view AW series bicycle trailers, rear view
96AW cargo bicycle trailer, side view

Same trailer as our 96A trailer, only wider. Great for large, bulky loads like sofas, mattresses, yard debris, etc.

See the features and specifications pages to learn more about this trailer and all the trailers we make.

  • Carries 300 lb loads up to 15' / 4.6 m long
  • Adjustable length and axle position
  • Wide bed accommodates cargo up to 27.25" / 69 cm wide
  • Comes ready-to-use with one trailer hitch plus six shock cords for securing your cargo
  • Cargo area (length x width): 96" x 27.25" / 2.44m x 69.2 cm; empty weight: 51 lbs / 23.1 kg